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Let your beautiful custom costumes see the stage again by consigning them!

Not only do you gain valuable closet space, you get to recoup some of the money you spent on your expensive costumes and give someone else the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful garment.

Through the established market reach of FlexiFoot, your costumes automatically get the opportunity to be seen by athletes that were not necessarily thinking about costumes at the time. That, combined with targeted marketing campaigns, your costumes will reach more people than any other consignment establishment.

In a time when recycling is so important, why not consider the same for costumes?

  • Vast cross marketing through FlexiFoot customers

  • Low commissions for increased customer profit

  • Targeted social media advertising

How to consign your costumes

Form complete consignment instructions, please click the link below for a printable instruction sheet

Blushing Beauty

Gently used Lyrical Solo Costume

Midnight Magic

Gently used Lyrical Solo Costume

Peachy Perfect

Brand new Lyrical Solo Costume

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