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FlexiFoot Arch Stretcher

FlexiFoot Arch Stretcher is designed for athletes that want to improve their foot flexibility. In order to attain a deep toe point, you have to stretch the top portion of your foot. FlexiFoot makes it easy by doing the work for you!

With its unique design, you get a greater stretch range that will intensify your toe point.


The FlexiFoot Difference

  • Multiple Size Options

  • Custom comfort heel rest with ankle support

  • 2 Different resistance options

  • High quaity at a reasonable price

  • Several fun color choices



Size Options: Youth, Adult, XLarge


This size is for pre-pointe dancers and young athletes. The Youth heel is slightly lower and the stretch bands are closer to accommodate a small foot.


This size accommodates most athletes. The heel cradle is larger and the bands are further out from the heel section to allow for a larger foot.

X Large

This size is generally for men. The heel rest is larger and there is a greater distance between the band and heel rise to accommodate larger feet. The stretch bands are also slightly looser to allow a larger foot to be placed under the bands. For men, the Advanced model is recommended for stronger resistance. 




FlexiFoot Arch Stretcher with StretchLock

This stretcher has a double layer of extra heavy resistance Theraband to provide comfortable but strong resistance. This is excellent for new athletes with little point flexibility.

For advanced athletes that enjoy the Theraband resistance but benefit from the additional resistance of a hook and loop band that will lock in the desired place.


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