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Welcome Jadyn!!!

Hi! My name is Jadyn and I am a dancer and rhythmic gymnast. I love to laugh, be silly, and play with slime. Cookie  swirl C is my favorite youtube blogger. My favorite dancers are Sophia Lucia and Briar Nolet.

I started dance at 6 years old. I love being on stage and performing. My favorite teachers are Ms. Jules and Ms. Masha.

I love setting really high goals in both rhythmic and dance, working hard to achieve my goals, and then finally reachig those goals. Its both exciting and rewarding. Working with different aparatus in rhythmics is both fun and challenging. I have worked hard to win multiple top 10 overalls, and multiple top 3 All Arounds for rhythmic. I have also had a chance to be a brand ambassador for many products!

My message to fellow athletes is to always work hard, be honest, show nothing but love, support your fellow dancers, and love and respect yourself.

Thank you for reading my page!


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