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Pointe Builder - Multi-functional Resistance System

Pointe Builder is a multi-functional resistance system that strengthens your ankles, legs, and for certain athletes such as dancers, gymnasts, and divers, it focuses your attention on improving your toe point. 

Use this in combination with your FlexiFoot Arch Stretcher for the perfectly sculpted toe point.

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Pointe Builder is a resistance system that strengthens your ankles while teaching you to keep your foot in a deep point during performances. Pointe Builder will encourage you to work harder at pointing your toes during practice. It will train your foot to make a deeper point. Then, in turn, when you are actually performing without your Point Perfecter, your foot will naturally point without strain!

You spend hours learning tricks only to forget the toe point. Even though you have stretched to develop a beautiful point, if you don't remember to point your toes during competition, t is a waste of your time! It is the difference between a professional routine and one that is amateurish. How many times have you been told to "fix your feet!" by coaches, instructors, or parents?

There is nothing more beautiful as a performance with great feet. You have worked hard to get where you are and by using your FlexiFoot products, you have shown your commitment to excellence. Point in practice as well as competitions. It is not something you just turn on for performances. 

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