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Turn Pro

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Take the Turn Pro for a spin!!

Rotary Turn Trainer

There is nothing like the Turn Pro on the market! Turn Pro is a turn shoe with a built-in turn mechanism that helps you practice your turns and find your core balance while in multiple turns. The difference between Turn Pro and other turn devices and aids is that Turn Pro puts your foot in the correct relevé position. No other turn product does the same.

Turn Pro is a turn product that will revolutionize turn development. Built directly into a half shoe, Turn Pro helps develop perfect pirouettes by:

  • Learning and reinforcing correct spotting

  • Putting yourself in proper body alignment

  • Helping develop and strengthen core balance

  • Automatically putting your foot in high relevé

  • Helps you hold a strong possé

  • Maintaining turnout

Why use a Turn Pro vs. other turn devices? It's pretty simple

  • Turn Pro keeps your foot in relevé. Other turn aids do not

  • Turn Pro has a rubber bottom to help avoid slipping

  • Since the Turn Pro is stationary, you cannot use little hops to keep your balance. You must maintain true core balance to manage the turn. 

High quality precision construction.

The Turn Pro base is manufactured in the US by an Aerospace/Medical equipment manufacturer to ensure the highest quality and precision. This rotary device has a smooth turn and is extremely durable. When you outgrow the shoe portion, you can replace inexpensively just replace the shoe without having to purchase a new base!

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